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Hinged-Lid Plastic Boxes Lock-Cons
ESD Static Dissipative Containers
Static dissipative plastic for the packaging and protection of static sensitive electronic parts. Specifications available upon request.
Microvials 030600 CAS
ESD Conductive Containers
Electrically conductive plastic containers for packaging materials and products that are sensitive to electro-static discharges.
Microvials 050850
Anti-Static Pink Containers and Boxes
Small plastic containers manufactured from anti static transparent pink polypropylene. Available in our round plastic containers and our boxes.
Hinged-Lid Plastic Boxes Lock-Cons
Standard Hinged-Lid Containers
Polypropylene containers with attached flip top hinged lid available in FDA compliant clarified clear plastic.
All made in the USA!
Microvials 030600 CAS
Microvials Containers
Micro sized hinged lid containers available in 20 sizes. Made in the USA from FDA approved clear polypropylene plastic.
Microvials 050850
VL Series Vials
Lab grade polypropylene plastic vials with attached hinged lid one-piece design. Made in USA in stock and ready to ship anywhere in the US.
Hinged-Lid Plastic Boxes Lock-Cons
SqueezeTops Plastic Containers
Polypropylene containers with unique attached pop top hinged lid design available in clear, and transparent stock colors. Perfect for natural suppliments.
Microvials 030600 CAS
Polyvials Standard Polypropylene
Plastic Vials with inner snapping seal perfect for testing equipment. Manufactured in the United States. Available in clear polypropylene plastic.
Made in USA.
Microvials 050850
Polyvials Lab Grade Polyethylene
Lab grade polyethylene vials with snapping inner seal great for labs and testing equipment. Resistant to many lab oils and chemicals (ask for details).
Microvials 030600 CAS
Flex-A-Tops Plastic Boxes
Small to medium plastic boxes with a one piece living hinge design. Many sizes to choose from. All of these are in stock and ready to ship within 24hrs. Made in USA.
Microvials 050850
Lock-Cons Plastic Boxes
Polypropylene plastic boxes with small locking loop. Made from clarified FDA compliant plastic. Great for business cards and small items that need to be displayed.
Hinged-Lid Plastic Boxes Lock-Cons
Nucons 2-Piece Containers
Small plastic containers with hang tabs for point of purchase display. 2-piece design with detached lid. Flat side walls perfect for sealing the contents to prevent tampering.
Paint Pods
Simple connected plastic pods. Available in different lengths. Great for art supplies and organization. All of these are in stock and ready to ship within 24hrs. Made in USA.
Meiho Containers
Meiho Containers
Meiho containers are available in many different series. Find sturdy rectangle containers with locking latches or containers with movable compartments and many more.
UV resisting glass that is available in many standard glass shapes and sizes. Use for water, wines, or other other liquids. Great for increasing the lifespan of a product.