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20HF White Hard Foam Inserts For 2
20SF White Hard Foam Inserts For 2" Lacons® Containers

20HF White Hard Foam Inserts For 2" Lacons® Containers 100/Box

Your Price: $35.10
1.80" Diameter White Foam Inserts
Part Number: 20HF-100
Cross Linked Hard White Polyethylene Foam inserts are die cut to fit our Lacons plastic hinged lid containers. Excellent for packaging and protecting delicate items that you don't want bouncing freely inside of a container. Great for medical, dental, and small parts packaging. Proudly made in the USA.

Material Properties: All HF foams are currently stamped from Qycell TB-20 which is a nominal 2.0pcf density foam. TB-Foam is a chemically cross-linked closed cell, micro-cellular polyethylene foam with a skin soft and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. These bun foams have a tough outer skin on the top and bottom surfaces.

Users of these products should perform testing to determine their suitability prior to use. We do not guarantee the applicability or the suitability of these products nor the accuracy of the above information.

Nominal Density: 2.0 PFC
Tensile Strength: 35 PSI
Elongation: 231(% to break)
Tear Resistance: 8(lb/in)
Compression Strength: 9 PSI(25% deflection)
Compression Set: 15(% of original thickness)
Thermal conductivity: .26(BTU/hr/inch/ft/F)
Working Temperature Range: -70°F to 175°F
Water Absorption: <.04 

made in USA
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