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Flex-A-Top FT33-BAS Blue Static Dissipative Plastic Box
Flex-A-Top FT33-BAS Hinged Lid ESD Safe Plastic Containers

Flex-A-Top FT33-BAS Blue Static Dissipative Plastic Box

Your Price: $4.23
Horizontal BAS Square ESD Safe Plastic Container
Part Number: FT33-BAS
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1 - 49 $4.23
50 - 99 $3.76
100 - 249 $3.29
250 - 499 $2.82
500+ $2.35
Flex-A-Top® plastic boxes are manufactured in the USA with permanent ESD Static Dissipative material that has a surface resistivity of 1x108 – 9.9x109 ohms per square, with a static decay rate of 5kV to 50V in less than 0.50 seconds.

With no, or a very low, initial charge, Blue Static Dissipative ESD containers are ideal for use with sensitive electronic components, conductors or any items sensitive to electrostatic discharges. In contrast to CAS material which ‘conducts’ any charges with which it makes contact, BAS material ‘dissipates’ static build up in a relatively slower and more controlled way, preventing discharges to or from human contact with the product.

Static Dissipative ESD containers allow for the ultimate protection of your static sensitive integrated circuits, electronic assemblies, or medical devices. As a permanent anti-static material the FT33-BAS Static Dissipative container is suitable as electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging for long term storage or for short term static protection during the transport and shipping processes.

made in USA
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